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Project Haiti

Dear Dreamers:

We are the Holland sisters, Kylie, Devon and Piper, and we founded Painted Wolf Records to help young musicians like us use their talents to raise awareness and help support worthy causes around the world. We believe kids can make a difference in the world and age doesn’t limit a person’s ability to have ideas, make plans, take action and help others.

Painted Wolf Records’ first release, Invitation to Dream, is a cool collection of bedtime ballads and lullabies sung by Devon to support the US Green Building Council’s Project Haiti.  She worked very hard on it for over two years with an amazing team of people, including top vocal coach and producer Peter Maleitzke; Grammy® Award winning recording and mixing engineer, Leslie Ann Jones and her team at Skywalker Sound; concert-level musicians; and the iconic Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA.

100% of the profits from the sales of Invitation to Dream will go to the US Green Building Council’s Project Haiti. 

Recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative as a Commitment Maker, Project Haiti will be the FIRST-EVER LEED-certified orphanage and children’s center in the world!  It will provide a new home for the children and babies left homeless by the terrible 2010 earthquake in Haiti.  It will also provide a blueprint for building other healthy, happy, sustainable, affordable orphanages throughout the third world. 

Our goal is to raise $250,000 so the USGBC can break ground on Project Haiti in 2014.  A minimum contribution of $20 (more is better :-)) will give you a copy of Invitation to Dream to enjoy or share with a little kid or baby in your life. PLEASE help us give these babies and kids in Haiti a new place to live, to play, and to dream listening to Devon’s lullabies.  

BUY, FRIEND, FOLLOW & SHARE our dream with ALL your friends and family! 

Thank you sooooo much!


Kylie (14)
Chief Operating Officer

Devon (13)
Vocals, Keyboard
Chief Imagination Officer

Piper (11)
Guitar, Vocals
Chief Creative Officer