About the label...


Making a difference and our love for music sparked our latest ventures: the formation of our own band, the Zusters, and the launch of Painted Wolf Records. We founded Painted Wolf Records to help young musicians like us use their talents to raise awareness and help support worthy causes around the world.  As kids born in the Silicon Valley, we are entrepreneurs and activists, and giving back to the world is definitely something our family believes in. 

Painted Wolf Records’ first release, Invitation to Dream, is a full-length CD of bedtime ballads and lullabies recorded by Devon to raise money for Project Haiti.   Invitation to Dream was recorded at the iconic Skywalker Sound and Fantasy Studios in the San Francisco Bay Area.  While producing the CD, we realized that the experience we were getting, the experts we had helping us, the connections we were making and the manufacturing, marketing and distribution we were learning about and setting up, could be leveraged to help other kids with causes.  

Once we test the model with Invitation to Dream,  (we want to raise $250,000 for Project Haiti) our plan is to invite kids who are serious about their music and committed to giving back to the world to submit a sample of their work with a proposal telling us about the cause they want to support.  We will invite kids from all over the world to participate.  We, along with our team of advisors, all experts in the music industry, will select the projects.  Our goal is to help them incubate their project and get it out into the world.  All profits from the sales of their work will be donated to the cause or charity of their choice.  Together we can be a force for good and help bring about positive change in the world.  

Thanks for your support!